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Our Mission Statement...

Each day that we practice, we strive to provide our patients the highest quality dental care leading toward long-term, optimal oral health; and to provide this service in a caring and enjoyable atmosphere at fair compensation that is commensurate with the quality service that is given.  But, our ultimate purpose is to help people change their lives.

Clinical Excellence

To strive for the goal of clinical excellence requires that each of us serve our patients, through meticulous care, skill, and judgment, and help them achieve their optimal state of oral health.  This care will be provided in a personalized, comfortable atmosphere of empathy and mutual trust.   In addition to the restoration to a state of health, it is equally important to help our patients want to maintain their investment of quality.  This is achieved through appropriate education and motivation for each individual enabling them to become as self-sufficient as possible.  Finally, to keep current with our commitment of quality, each of us must pursue a professional goal of self-improvement.

Exceptional Staff

To make this office a place where people—patients and coworkers—look forward to coming is an objective second only to clinical excellence.  Meeting this ideal requires that only the best staff will do.  These are people who are excited about what they are doing; are good at what they do for their current level of growth; are motivated to achieve results through teamwork; possess high standards of quality and integrity; are interested in being long-term contributors to the dental practice; and who possess a flexible, entrepreneurial spirit.