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Solea & Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Dr. McMurtry performs his tethered oral tissues procedures with the Solea CO2 all-tissue laser and the Waterlase MD all-tissue laser.


The miracle we’ve both been waiting for is here: Solea. Now available to you, Solea is a powerful dental laser that replaces the dental drill in the majority of procedures in our practice. In fact, nearly every patient skips anesthesia because they just don’t need it. Solea is our way of keeping you happy. Because more than anything, we love to see you smile.

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Solea is the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for hard, soft and osseous tissue procedures. It was developed in Boston, Massachusetts by Convergent Dental, based on research conducted at the University of California School of Dentistry. Solea offers a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to deliver virtually painless dental procedures for both teeth and gums from simple cavities to complex surgeries. The experience is so unique that you will find it hard to believe you were just at a dental appointment.

For more information on Solea, please visit or ask Dr. McMurtry at your next visit.


Greater Comfort

Heat and vibration are what make dental drills hurt. Fortunately, we have a new technology that can replace the drill for many dental procedures. The Solea laser does a lot of work we used to do with a drill - without the heat, vibration and noise. The Solea laser uses gentle laser energy that works without ever touching your teeth. That means we can use fewer shots and less anesthetic in many cases. The laser works on teeth and gums. It can even be used for oral surgery on the bone around teeth.

Fewer Numb Lips

No one likes to leave the dentist’s office with a numb lip. If your laser procedure can be done without anesthetic, you’ll be able to avoid this uncomfortable side effect.

A New Standard of Dental Care

The Solea laser lets us work on your teeth and gums with unprecedented accuracy. Without the heat and vibration of a drill, the laser can precisely remove decay without affecting surrounding healthy tissue. Drills can cause tiny microfractures that can weaken a tooth, and sometimes nick a tooth next to where decay is being removed. Not with the laser. 

Shorter Visits, Fewer Visits 

Since many procedures can be done without anesthetic, we can eliminate the time it takes to give shots and wait for numbing to occur. So you can get in and out of the dentist’s chair faster. Giving fewer shots and less local anesthetic also allows Dr. McMurtry to work on more cavities at once, since dentists usually avoid numbing more than one area of the mouth at one time.

Faster Healing

Dr. McMurtry may use the Solea laser to prepare your gums around a tooth that requires a crown, or to fix a cavity or tooth fracture below the gumline, or to reshape your gums to improve the appearance of your smile. The laser energy of the Solea laser cuts gums precisely, because it only affects tissue on gums. 

For More Than Just Cavities

The Solea laser is extremely versatile. It can be used for a wide range of tooth and “soft” tissue procedures. Besides decay removal and cavity preparation, the Solea laser is great for smile design, gum and bone surgical procedures and many others. Dr. McMurtry cares so much about your comfort that he has invested in the ultimate in dental lasers, the Solea laser from Convergent Dental – absolutely number one in dental lasers. Dr. McMurtry has also receive special training in laser dentistry through the World Clinical Laser Institute, one of the world’s largest laser education organizations and the Academy of Laser Dentistry.

Waterlase MD

Dr. McMurtry also uses the Waterlase MD for dental procedures. Watch our video below for more information